Bharat GPS Tracker Warranty Instructions
● Bharat GPS Tracker device shall only be installed by Bharat GPS Tracker technician’s 
● GPS tracker shall not to be moved/relocated and disconnected without informing or notify to Bharat GPS Customer Support Representatives 
● Bharat GPS Tracker device only supports to track the vehicles/objects for keeping safe from theft 
● At the time of troubleshoot, If technician finds any relocation of GPS tracker, modification in existing wires or any other changes done by owner, then warranty of device shall be considered expired immediately as noticed 
● If GPS found Malfunctioned after troubleshoot then it shall take 3-4 working days to change/replace to new GPS Device 
● During the Installation of Engine Cut GPS, please be aware that the IGNITION wire should be cut and connect to the GPS Relay to control the Engine. Again by any chance if customers revoke the Installation after the cutting of wires, then the Bharat GPS Technician or Bharat GPS will not be responsible for wires that provide the power supply of GPS which may already cut or modified.
● Bharat GPS or Bharat GPS Technician will not be responsible for wires that provide power supply of GPS which may already cut or modified 
● Bharat GPS Tracker warranty shall not be applicable within the criteria as follows-1) External Damage to GPS device. 2) Modification or Relocation of GPS device. 3) Burn or damage to existing Power Cables/Wires. 4) Shortage of Power Cable. 5) Any damage due to Liquid/moisture penetration in GPS device and 6) Missing of GPS 
● Maintenance / Troubleshoot / Replacement shall only be performed within the business locations and Authorized Service Centers 
● Owner to ensure the object/vehicle is available at location prior technician arrives to troubleshoot or to perform other maintenance work 
● In case the technician arrives for maintenance/troubleshoot and the object is not available at location, owner shall be responsible to pay the applicable service charge 
● Since Bharat GPS Tracker device only supports to track the vehicles/objects for safe keeping, Bharat GPS Tracker shall not be responsible if vehicle/object is found missing after installation of Bharat GPS Tracker 
● Bharat GPS Tracker is not waterproof, owner to ensure safe keeping the device away from any moisture/liquid damage
● We Bharat GPS Management ensure that Technician shall perform the Installation with adequate safety measures and precautions

Bharat GPS Tracker Refund Policy
● Bharat GPS Tracker device is non-refundable once installed in vehicle/objects 
● Full support and service shall be ensured by Bharat GPS Tracker if the device is not functioning well 
● If Customer is not satisfied with Bharat GPS Tracker Service, then customer has privilege to revoke with submitting the valid reason to get the revoke approval 
● Revoke shall be processed within ONE month from the date of Installation only if GPS is found in working condition 
● Bharat GPS Tracker shall pay the amount within two working days from the date of revoke approval.

GPS Tracker Charges:-
GPS Tracker w/Engine Status  – Rs.3499/-
GPS Tracker w/Engine Status and Engine On/Off  – Rs.4499/-
GPS Tracker w/Engine Status and Engine On/Off and MIC/SOS  – Rs.4499/- (Customer SIM)
ID Card / Handheld GPS Tracker w/Mic and Inbuilt Battery
Magnet GPS Tracker

Other Service Charges:-

Troubleshoot Service Charge  – Rs.100/-
GPS Tracker change from Vehicle to Vehicle  – Rs.500/-
GPS Tracking License (Before Expire)  – Rs.1000/-
GPS Tracking License (After Expire)  – Rs.1300/-
GPS Tracking License (After Expire/Deleted from Server)  – Rs.1500/-

Note:- GST charges are applicable on all Bharat GPS products and services.